2015 Goal Setting


I am a huge believer in goal setting. As a keeper of daily, weekly, and monthly goals, I find nothing more alluring than the start of a fresh new year. A blank canvas with endless possibility. While some don't find the thought of new years resolutions enticing, I find nothing more exciting.

When I think back over the last year of my life, I am further inspired as to the possibility of 2015. A year ago today, I was single, living in an apartment on my own in Charlotte, NC and fairly new to my job and current company. Fast forward a year, I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my HUSBAND in our 1924 renovated craftsman style home that we purchased together. I got promoted at work, planned a wedding, negotiated a work-from-home remote set up so that I could stay with my company, bought a house and moved. I traveled - Boston, Charleston, Tampa, Atlanta to name just a few.

2014 was a huge success. One for the record books! But my ambitions are even greater in 2015. This HAS to be the year that I truly chase the dreams I have had for years. I told my husband on our Christmas road trip adventure that by 2016, I WILL be working for myself and that there is no alternative option. I will be photographing, blogging, exploring and creating and living the life I dream of.

I like to look at "new years resolutions" as the opportunity to better myself, not so much change myself completely. Over time, continuous improvements lead us to where we are in our relationships, our careers and our lives. The new year brings the opportunity to refresh and remind ourselves to continually improve, and that's the theme of these resolutions. Here is an overview of my goals for 2015:

- Build this blog. This is one of my number one goals. I intend to develop the content, build a readership, and truly commit to this blogging path.

- Start a photography business. I'm not sure in what capacity here - but I intend to develop my photography skills and begin to monetize in some way.

- While we are on that note, I intend on taking my camera everywhere and actually USING it. So far, I have taken my camera around a lot but have let my own insecurity about my talent prevent me from taking pictures.

- Read!! I need to be better about reading. I LOVE it, but I simply forget. And by forget, I mean find myself binge watching the latest TV series on Netflix for hours at a time (I'm talking to you, Dexter). I intend to read 15 books in 2015.

- Start an Amazon store/business. Last year I read "The 4 Hour Workweek" and just weeks later met a man on a weekend trip to the beach who had quite his job to run his amazon business selling gardening tools. He was in the midst of a week-long visit to his condo in St.Simon's island with his wife and 3 children, so business must not be too bad. I've had the itch to start my own since, but now I finally have the determination to do it myself.

- Report to you about my journey to monetize my blog and online business. I am fascinated by the income reports that some bloggers post. I must be a part of it.

- On that note, I have a goal to earn $10k outside of my "day job."

- Create an e-Book. I have NO idea on what topic. But I WILL create one.

- Post my monthly goals here on the 1st of each month.

- Be a positive person. This is a blanket goal, I know, but I often find myself in bouts of negativity for no reason at all. My life is good. I have food, a beautiful home, and a husband whose unconditional love is endless. Things could be so much worse, and I need to remember to be grateful for what I have every day.