Broad & Main Branding // Inspiration Board

As I get closer and closer to moving back to Squarespace and thinking more and more about the aesthetic of Broad & Main, I have been doing a TON of pinning. Oh Pinterest, how I love you. I have been so addicted to Pinterest for years, and have over 3,000 pins to prove it. I am obsessed with the beautiful images and amazing resources you can find on Pinterest, and finding images that reflect the look I am going for has been so much fun.

I wanted to share an inspiration board I put together over the last couple of days. I love the relaxed, easy feeling of the board. Something about it is cozy, and takes me back to my days as a college senior wandering the streets of Paris during my semester abroad. I've always been attracted to soft, natural colors, and I think this board has just enough color mixed with the right amount of natural grays and, creams and soft whites.

Broad & Main Mood Board

What colors inspire you? How would you describe your aesthetic?