How We Are Celebrating Our First Married Valentine's Day

Malone Wedding
Malone Wedding

This year marks our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife. Rather than gifts and over the top grand gestures, we've agreed to keep is simple this year. No gifts - just quality time together and an extra day to acknowledge why we chose each other.

(wedding photography by the incredible angela cox)

Trying a new restaurant // We plan to head up to a new to us restaurant right down the road from our house. Nothing too fancy or over the top but the catch is... we're not going on V-day. We'll be making our way up to dinner after work this Friday for cocktails and dinner and a low key evening together, hopefully missing the date night chaos that will follow the next day.

Spending the day together // Our only rule for Saturday as that it's just for us. We have a lot of friends in our neighborhood and that live close by. We get together with them most weekends, but not this Saturday. It's not valentine's day... it's Courtney and Jim day.

Cooking dinner at home // Whether it's as simple as homemade pizza or as fancy as filet and lobster, find something that you both enjoy and share in cooking it together. We'll be making my families secret recipe for spaghetti and meatballs - a recipe that despite years of practice, no one can seem to get close to the way my 93 year old nana makes it. Nothing says love like preparing a tried and true family secret recipe, or one that is extra special to you, for your honey.

Drinking hot chocolate // Is there anything cozier than a mug of hot chocolate> It's going to be below freezing in our southern neck of the woods which calls for a cozy warm drink, comfy clothes, and curling up on the couch in blankets.

Saying I love you // We do this everyday. But why not use the opportunity that Valentine's day gives to tell your partner just how much you love them in a special way? Leave a love note on the pillow, on the bathroom mirror, or in the pocket of their favorite jacket. I'll be leaving a love note for Jim somewhere special for him to find!

Do you have Valentine's Day plans?