Comparison is the Thief of Joy + Free Download

Over the course of this short month of blogging and in this new year full of so much anticipation, I have run quite the spectrum of emotions. I've experienced over the top enthusiasm and excitement about this new adventure at times, while at others I'm feeling like a failure and that I'll never find success or end up where I want to be. What I realized this week is that when those low moments hit, the moments where I feel silly about what I am sharing or doubt about what I have to offer, it's usually because I  have spent some time comparing what I've done so far to what other who are more "experienced" are doing and creating. As a new blogger, or really for anyone with creative aspirations, it is so easy to succumb to the comparison trap.

But how fair is it to compare yourself to someone that has been doing something (anything!) for years, or really any length of time?  With time comes experience and clarity. Writing and blogging and photographing are a practice that evolves over time and I have seen very few, if any, instances of instant success or perfection.

In the moments where I am excited about what I have to share or truly feeling like I am making progress on my goals, I am my most authentic self. It's my voice, my creativity and my imagination taking the reins and creating with confidence. In those moments, I am truly being an individual. The posts I've written so far that have gotten the most feedback have come from that place of that authenticity, and it is clear each and every time. There's no motivation in those moments other than the pure joy of creating something that is uniquely my own.

There is space around here for everyone. Simply by being yourself, an individual, you have something unique and valuable to offer. By comparing yourself to others with similar interests or even similar ideas, it truly takes the joy of sharing your own perspective away. This quote from Theodore Roosevelt is not one that will be new to you. I've seen it countless times and have always loved it, but in these last few weeks it has truly been relevant to my life and has stuck with me.

I made a desktop wallpaper that I am sharing with you below and am using it for myself so that each time I open my computer I'm reminded to just be Courtney, and the joy will follow.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy - Free Desktop Wallpaper
Comparison is the Thief of Joy - Free Desktop Wallpaper