Eddie Malone

My husband and I have been talking about getting a puppy for months now, and by talking about a puppy, I mean I have been begging for one since we got married last October.

It looks like my begging finally worked! Last weekend we finally brought home this little guy. Meet Eddie Malone. He is a 4 month old Springer Spaniel/Poodle Mix and is absolute perfection. 


Like any new mom would, we naturally did some baby pictures. What kind of mother would I be if we didn't have a photo session to document his early days!? I kid. P.S. I'm sorry in advance for when we have a human child... I can't imagine the obsession level if it's this bad with a dog. 

It's safe to say I am in love with this guy. Don't worry, I won't bombard you with too many puppy pictures. That's what Instagram is for after all! We'll be back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow!