February Goals

I have been anxiously anticipating February for weeks now. Main reason - my husband and I are FINALLY taking our honeymoon to St. Lucia at the end of the month. Technically the honeymoon is the first week of March but we leave on February 28th, so it counts right!? It's HONEYMOON MONTH! I'm going to share more on why we waiting to take our honeymoon later, but we are still excited to stay the least. In fact, I was VERY productive during the super bowl last night and ordered a handful of bathing suits. Don't mind if I do!

Along with the excitement of this month for obvious reasons, I'm excited to share some February goals with you.


Read a book // I have done a terrible job on my reading goal for this year. If you count books on tape, then technically I've got one down, but I do want to actually READ books too. So this month, I want to finish at least one. Any suggestions?

Plan out each week's blog posts every Sunday // I really liked having everything planned out last week and I want to take that into February.

Take pictures at least once a week // I feel like I have done a much better job this year of spending time with my camera but I tend to get "camera shy" and sometimes I don't want to take it out and about. No more.

Get upside down every day // I have been a yogi for over 7 years now and as corny as it sounds, practicing yoga changed my life in so many amazing ways. In the last couple of years as I have moved a billion times and been so unsettled that I have neglected my mat and have the tight hips and hamstrings to prove it. I had a really strong handstand practice and while I can still do it, I can seriously tell I am out of practice. I want to be pressing to handstand and "floating" in my practice again and the only way I know how to do it is to get upside down a little every day. This should be a fun goal!

Complete 4 classes on Skillshare // It's no secret that I love skillshare. I'm realizing more and more that I really love the idea of graphic design. I say idea because quite frankly I have NO experience, training, background, etc. for it but still am intrigued at the thought of maybe doing it one day. Perhaps that day is far far away but there's no time like the present to start working towards it. Since I've paid for a year of Skillshare, I think that's a great place to start. I welcome any and all recommendations and resources for "self-teaching" this kinda of thing!


How about you? What are your goals for this month?