Fuel for the Soul - Mood Board

Over the past few weeks I've been working with my client, Kelly, on branding her personal training and nutritional consulting business, Fuel for the Soul.

Kelly's list of credential's are IMPRESSIVE. She is a certified Athletic Trainer, has a MA in exercise science, a CSCS Certified Personal Trainer and a soon to be Registered Dietitian.  with a certification in childhood weight management. Her main goal is to provide fitness and nutrition services for private clients and the community, focusing on a balanced lifestyle and sound nutrition for optimal health. 

Kelly's enthusiasm and passion for what she does is completely contagious and majorly influenced the brightly colored inspiration board we put together. She loved images with vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables, and displays of athleticism and fitness for all levels. Her color palette is bright and vibrant, but still represent some of the natural colors found in the healthy and wholesome foods that her business stands for. 

Fuel for the Soul Mood Board | Broad + Main

Stay tuned for her complete brand board and website launch in the coming weeks! 

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