How to Deal with the Post Vacation Blues

On our flight home from St. Lucia, my husband and I talked about how rested and rejuvenated we felt. After 7 days of literally doing nothing but laying under a cabana on the beach, sipping fruity drinks, watching each sunset from the beautiful terrace at our resort and sleeping like babies for 9+ hours every night, we were very rested. Ironically on that flight home, we joked that we were so rested and relaxed that it will be nice to finally not need a vacation from our vacation unlike other trips we have taken (I'm talking to you Boston Marathon trip of 2014). How wrong we were.

In the first few days of being home, I was on that post-trip high filled with gratitude that we were able to make such a trip and basking in the freshly made memories and glowing skin that 7 days in the sun leaves behind. We were glad to be home, sleeping in our own king size bed after a week in a queen size (the horror!). But wouldn't you know it, just a couple of days after being home... I needed it; the vacation from the vacation. The post holiday blues had arrived.

How to Deal with Post Vacation Blues | broad & main
How to Deal with Post Vacation Blues | broad & main

Settling into a routine has been...interesting. It's not so much that we have the blues as much as we got so relaxed that it's proven difficult to get motivated and settled back into our everyday.

Here are my thoughts on how to beat the post-vacation blues, and get motivated again.

Give Yourself a Day or Two // There is some serious truth to needing downtime after a trip, even if it was super relaxing and care-free. Give yourself a day or two to re-adjust. Pamper yourself, unpack, get your life organized again. We purposefully planned to arrive home on a Saturday so that we could have Sunday to decompress. We slept in on Sunday, had breakfast and coffee in bed, went to the grocery store together to re-stock our house, did tons of laundry and took a long walk outside together. We were grateful to ease back into normalcy over half a weekend and it made the shock of the "real world" on Monday a little easier.

Exercise // There have been so many days where I haven't wanted to make my way to the gym, but I've gone anyway. I always feel 100% better after a quick workout and it's helping me get back to my normal.

Get Out // Rather than sit around the house lazily on our first full weekend home (although we were tempted), we got out of the house and enjoyed our town and some fresh air. We walked from our house to downtown, sipped cocktails outside, and met up with some friends as well at one of our favorite Sunday happy hour spots. Enjoying our own backyard really helped us to not only be grateful for our trip, but to be thankful for all of the fun we can have right at home.

Start Planning Your Next Trip // Whether it's a day/weekend trip or a true getaway, having something on the calendar to look forward to helps. We have some family visits and a weekend each in Charlotte and Raleigh that we have been talking about a bunch and are really looking forward to. We also may or may not have booked a last minute 3 night trip to Mexico for the first weekend of May (squeel!). Having little (and big!) getaways on the calender is really helping us stay motivated and focused on "the real world."

Eat Healthy. But Treat Yourself// We did our fair share of eating and drinking on our trip (#understatement). I may or may not have had three glasses of wine each and every day at the Bayside restaurant on our resort, pictured below.

How to Deal with Post Vacation Blues | broad & main
How to Deal with Post Vacation Blues | broad & main

We also had several nights where we had three course dinners, a couple nights of way too much of the best sushi we have ever had, and one night at a beach side BBQ full of lots of local cuisine. We were ready to scale it back by the time we got home, to say the least. We have certainly been eating healthy since we've been back, but have still moderated the things we love. It's easy to come home from an indulgent trip and feel the need to eat "perfectly" to get back to normal, but that can also make you crazy. It's important for your sanity to still enjoy yourself even after a full week of eating and drinking in paradise. And that is exactly why I am in the process of perfecting my homemade margarita recipe!

Re-set Your Goals // For me, coming back from a week of escaping everything like work and responsibility in general, resulted in me losing sight of the other things I have been working toward this year. I got behind on my Skillcrush Web Designer course, I neglected my blog, and I found myself ready to watch Netflix rather than work diligently on my goals after a day at work. I tore myself away from the couch to spend some time writing out goals and tasks in my planner and it's helping me re-focus and get motivated to get back to it. Regular posting, as a result, shall resume!

How do you beat the post vacation blues? I'd love to hear!