In The Mood | 001

I have loved every second of working on re-branding Broad & Main and getting ready to launch my new site and design services. I have been working hard to streamline not only the look, but what this space will hold and it has been such a fun and exciting process for me.

For the past several years, I have felt the pull towards a creative life. I work in financial services as my “day job” but from my very first day as a college graduate (and even in the last bit of college), I have known I was meant to do work that taps into my creativity and allows me to connect with other creative souls.

As I took my first “big girl” job right out of school, I moved 3 states and 10+ hours via car away… and I literally cried the entire way. I wish I was exaggerating, but for 10+ hours my mom had to listen to me sob and watch me sulk. Moving was the right choice at the time, and looking back at those moments just reaffirms my belief that every single thing in our lives happens for a reason, but as that 22 year old girl taking a job she didn’t want,  I also felt like I was selling a bit of my soul for the sake of being a grown up.

I get it though. There are bills to pay and responsibilities to be taken care of. At 22 years old I couldn’t have afforded to take a huge risk and toss my finance degree to the side. I had to do what needed to be done – get a job, support myself, pay my bills and learn to be on my own. Looking back, I respect that time in my life. I am grateful to have moved away, even though it was sad to leave my family. Because of that time, I learned to be independent, to be a self starter and motivator, and to appreciate the fact that I had a job in a time when many of my fellow classmates did not.

Those early experiences as a young professional taught me that we all have to empower ourselves to take baby steps to create the life we want, both personally and professionally. We can simply show up to work each day, get the job done, clock in and clock out, rinse and repeat. But going through the motions isn’t going to get us anywhere quickly. We have to work hard to create the life we want by investing in ourselves, honoring our passions and nurturing them as much as possible.

Over this past year as my life has settled after countless moves, a few heartbreaks, and the euphoria of marrying the man of my dreams, I have had more time to focus on nurturing my creative soul. I have taken time to invest in myself by taking courses on line for graphic design, taking my camera with me more when we venture out, and reading things for fun, rather than for work. As I continue to take steps towards re-launching Broad & Main and getting ready to start my own creative entrepreneurial endeavor, I find myself more and more.

In the spirit of creating the life we want, I wanted to share the visual inspiration for the Broad & Main re-brand. I’ve loved watching my ideas and vision evolve, and I have finally landed on the look I want for this space.

ivy | sign | dining table | living room |kitchen 

In the coming weeks, I’ll continue to share a bit more of the design process leading up to the launch of the new site. I’m so excited you’re here on this journey with me.