A New Thursday Series + a Free iPhone Wallpaper Download

For a while now, Thursday has been a day to "throw it back." To remember a moment in the distant past, or maybe a happy or funny moment from just a few days ago. I LOVE this idea, and often find myself laughing at the embarrassing baby pictures that make their way onto Facebook or reminiscing about a sweet moment with friends. Rather than glimpsing into the past on this chilly January Thursday, I thought we could refocus and use it as an opportunity to propel us forward. I wanted to start a post series of Thursday posts that refocus us and propel us through the end of each week feeling uplifted and energized. A name for this post series is TBD (suggestions welcome!) but why wait for a name to get started!?

Each week I will share a thoughtful, inspiring, uplifting quote to get us through the rest of the week. I'll also offer a free iPhone wallpaper download with an inspiring quote, in hopes it brightens your day and inspires your actions each time you pick up your phone.

anne frank quote

The images below will take you to iPhone 6 wallpaper images. I hope you enjoy!

Untitled design (2)Untitled design (3)

For iPhone 5 click here for the white background and click here for the pink background.