The Part Time Entrepreneur + A Free Day Planning Printable

Starting a business while you work full time is no easy task. For years, I have dreamed and fantasized about being a business owner, yet every day I made excuses. Many of those excuses went like this...

I can't because I just bought a house and moved to a new city...
I can't because I am planning a wedding...
I can't because I don't know how to start a business...
I can't because I have a full time job...

Over the last few years, I've made more excuses than I care to admit. Over the past several months, as I've stopped allowing my excuses to dictate my success, I've made more progress with my business than I had in the last 3 years combined.

Part Time Entrepreneur Task Planner + A Free Download | Broad + Main Design

 What I realized over these last few months of hard work is that most of those excuses were made because of one simple thing: fear. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of judgement. Starting a business is full of hard work, and a lot of unknowns, and fear, if you let it, can stop you in your tracks.

If I have realized anything over the course of this year, its that doing nothing is much harder than doing something. For those of you who have that inner entrepreneurial pull, you know what I mean. You lay awake at night dreaming and plotting out your business and knowing what you need to do, yet when it comes to taking action, fear holds you back. And for those of you have SUCCEEDED in your endeavors, you know that daydreaming without any action is NOT how you got to where you are. It's by waking up every day, knowing what you need to do, and doing what needs to get done to make your dream your reality, rather than letting fear hold you back and leave you feeling frustrated.

Being an entrepreneur is hard - whether it's full time or a side gig for you 8 to 5. For those of us working full time, however, a unique set of challeneges present themselves. Just how on earth do you balance your full time job, home and family duties, and entrepreneurial pursuits - without losing your mind? 

Most days, I'm still trying to figure that out the hard way. My husband will attest that there have been long stressful days and nights, and many sacrifices along the way. In an effort to maximize the time I spend on my business, and continue to produce quality work at my 8 to 5, I've found that setting small daily goals and tasks has been an extremely effective way to get things moving in the right direction, while still saving my sanity. 

As full timers with a side gig, there are a few small windows of time throughout the day that are great opportunities to get just one thing done. You may not be able to spend an entire Tuesday working on your business, but you can certainly make use of the small windows of time that present themselves throughout the day. These windows of time are:

+ Before Work

+ The Coffee Break

+ The Lunch Break

+ After Work

For example, this blog post and day planner is the product of 2 coffee breaks, a lunch break, and a little before work time to clean it up. This morning, I actually started my 8 to 5 early around 7am, followed up on emails from yesterday and got a few tasks completed, then spent a little time on Broad + Main because I knew I wanted to get this post finalized. I didn't work on this in one piece, yet over the course of 2 days, I was able to complete the task, while still having a little extra time to work on design projects for my clients. 

To help me, and also in hopes it would help you, I've created a daily task planner for part time entrepreneurs. I think it is really helpful to outline exactly what needs to get done at various points in the day so you know what you need to do, and know exactly when you are going to do it. I've also included some to do lists for your full time gig, your side gig, and of course your home. I hope you find this as helpful as I have! Click the image below to download your free copy, and print as you need!