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Last week I shared the mood board for a conceptual branding project I've been working on, and today I'm revealing the brand and website!

The Tasting Room is Charleston's prominent authority on all things food and drink. My fictional business owner, Taylor James, is the author and photographer behind The Tasting Room. She is a highly acclaimed food author, critic and photographer. The Tasting room is a collection of her musings on food and drink in her beloved city, as well as a collection of her recent editorial photography work. 

As a pretty devoted lover of Charleston (and major foodie!), this project was so much fun to work on. The inspiration came from planning an upcoming trip to The Holy City with my husband. The first trip we ever took together was to Charleston, and we've returned several times since to walk the charming streets, and taste the delicious food that Charleston has to offer.

Our goal for our next trip is to eat at restaurants that are completely new to us. We have a handful of places that we like to visit each and every time we head down there, but for this trip, we've made reservations at places we've heard great things about, but have yet to try. My mouth was watering the majority of the time I worked on this project and for good reason. These images came from Unsplash, one of my favorite stock photography site, and they are just beautiful. 

I wanted the brand to have a clean and modern aesthetic with a slightly upscale twist, and I think that I accomplished just that. The fonts and layouts are clean, and the color palette was used subtly to give it just enough personality to be fun and inviting, while still allowing the photography to be showcased.

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room | A Conceptual Branding Project by Broad + Main

Squarespace Website

I also created a custom Squarespace website for the project, taking the clean and modern aesthetic on to the web. Below is a collection of images of The Tasting Room website.

After this branding project, I am not only hungry, but wishing that I was the photographer and food writer behind The Tasting Room! We leave for Charleston in about 6 weeks and I couldn't be more excited. 

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