This Week | March 23 - 29

Is it just me, or are Monday's in Spring just... harder? We had another beautiful weekend in Greenville. On Saturday we had lunch outside on the patio at one of our favorite spots followed by a walk downtown that lasted several hours. We actually stumbled upon some performances being done outside of the Greenville Symphony Center. The cellist who played at our wedding (and who is amazing!) was doing a live outdoor concert for J.S. Bach's 330th birthday and it was so beautiful! We ended the night by grilling out at home. If that's not Spring perfection, then I don't know what is. But now, Monday is here. And I guess that means I need to get some stuff done, huh? Fineeeeeee.

Weekly Goal Setting

Here's what's on tap for this week:

Kayla Itsine's Workout Guide Week 12 // My 12th week of this program was supposed to be the week we were in St. Lucia. While we did make it to the gym a few times, our workouts were quick, as the beach beckoned. I decided to restart at Week 10 when we got back, so Week 12 is now this week. And let me just say - I'm pretty sure she is trying to kill me. High five to Kayla. The girl knows what she is doing. I just purchased weeks 12 to 24 and I can't wait!

Get caught up with Skillcrush // I spent a few hours getting caught up yesterday and am not just a few days behind. This is the week that I get back up to speed! I WILL become a web designer. WILL.

Make this delicious looking ramen // Okay, so spring is here and I'm supposed to want salad and smoothies and blah blah blah. But can't I just sneek in one more soup before it's full on Spring!? I think so. This recipe has been calling to me. I even ordered special brown rice gluten free noodles! I'm way too excited about this.

Post a few book recommendations // I have done some serious reading the last few weeks and I want to share what I've read with you! And also get your book recommendations. So start thinkin'.

And just for fun, here are some pictures a la iPhone from the weekend.

Downtown Greenville, SC | broad & main

Downtown Greenville, SC | broad & main

Happy Monday, friends! I hope Spring is springing wherever you are!