This Week (#6)

The first week of February went by in a flash. I was MIA this past week but for good reason. Our first house guests (my parents) came up at the end of the week and just left this morning. We had an awesome and PRODUCTIVE time and got so much done around the house. Don't worry - we had some fun too! But thankfully I can finally cross "hang curtains" off my to do list as well as some other much needed home to-dos. It's a new week and time for some new goals and intentions. I am very excited for this week because the Skillcrush Web Designer Blueprint I signed up for starts today! I feel all giddy like a kid on the first day of school and am so excited to see what all I will learn!

weekly goal setting | broad & main

This week, I'd like to:

Start my Skillcrush class // So excited! I will be sure to let you know how it is. I'm still planning on taking Skillshare classes too. So many SKILLS!

Get to yoga 3x this week // So far so good on my "Get upside down every day in February" goal. I'd like to get to class 3 times this week which I think will also help with the whole perspective thing.

Keep things in perspective // I have a terrible habit of losing sight of what's important and all the gifts that I have and spending time with the people I love the most (my parents and my husband) this weekend was a huge reminder of that. I get so wrapped up in where I want to go and what I want to do with my life that I fail to see what all I have already accomplished. In the moments that I am stuck in "wish mode" of wanting what I am working towards to just be here already, I lose patience and calm which is just no good for me or those that love and support me. It's time to really start focusing on what I DO have and appreciate the efforts I am putting in to get where I want to go, rather than dwelling on how much still lies ahead. I know that life is too short to be anything but positive, but remembering that everyday escapes me sometimes. Time for a shift in focus and perspective.


How about you? What are your goals for this week?