Weekly Wishes #1

weekly wishes In the spirit of the new year and the goals and dreams I've set out to accomplish and work towards, I wanted to start a series of posting my weekly goals every Monday.

The Nectar Collective is one of my favorite blogs and I love the community she has built around her Weekly Wishes series. Each week she posts her goals for the week, and invites others to do the same. The idea is to not only post our goals each week, but to interact with each other, leave words of encouragement and connect with our fellow bloggers who help keep us accountable. Right up my alley.

So in that spirit, here are this first full week of January's goals:

1. Complete at least one Skillshare class. I signed up just a couple of weeks ago, and have picked quite a few courses I am interested in but have yet to complete one. This is the week!

2. Create two more quality posts this week. Little by little, I intend on creating valuable and inspiring content for you!

3. Take my camera out and USE it! Maybe a walk downtown? It will be a chilly but beautiful weekend.

4. Finish reading Awaken the Giant Within (and the way to do that is to watch less Dexter at night....)

5. Go to 2 yoga classes at my local studio. I'm an out of practice yogi, and its time to get back in the swing of things.

The Nectar Collective