Weekly Wishes #2

I don't typically watch award shows but my husband and I sat down and watched a bit of the Golden Globes last night. While we belly laughed at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and enjoyed gawking at our favorite stars, I was totally and completely inspired by Gina Rodriguez's closing to her speech after she won her award. She said that each day her father told her to say "Today is the day! I can and I will." So simple, but wow - what an impact it seems to have had on her life. It reminded me that each day we have the opportunity to do and if we work hard enough, our goals are very much within reach. I love participating in Melyssa's Weekly Wishes series. Something about starting the week with intentions and goals is invigorating and I truly think it influences my actions when I say them out loud. I love having something to work towards and this little by little effort helps to make progress each week.


Last week, I set out to:

Complete at least one Skillshare class // I have just a few modules left on the Photoshop for Blogging: Creating Collages course. It has been super informative and a good basic Photoshop class. I've used Photoshop before for photo editing, but recently switched to Lightroom for that (thanks to the Photographer's Creative Cloud subscription). I'm anxious to learn more about Photoshop and do some experimenting!

Create two more quality posts this week // Done and Done. In case you missed it, I wrote about 7 blogs that inspire action and creativity, and also started a new Thursday series!

Take my camera out and USE it // It was FREEZING in Greenville, SC this weekend so my photography adventure was not quite what I planned. My husband and I decided to forgo our Sunday morning run for a greasy spoon breakfast at one of our favorite spots and I took my camera along. I will share those pictures this week!

Finish reading Awaken the Giant Within // Nope. Sure didn't. I definitely read some and made a dent, but I'm not quite finished.

Go to 2 yoga classes // Yes! I joined a local studio recently and am obsessed. I have been practicing for nearly 7 years now and am actually certified to teach, but in the last year and a half or so I have fallen out of a regular practice. Getting into it again feels like coming home.


This week I intend to:

Complete another Skillshare class // I will finish the Photoshop course and start/finish an additional course this week.  Perhaps one in handlettering? Me thinks so.

Post my photos from our breakfast yesterday as well as the progress on my home office // About two weeks before we were married, my husband and I closed on our 1924 little home. We are in the process of making it our own and since I work from home, the office has been a project of mine. We hung a canvas I had made this weekend which helped pull a lot of it together. I can't wait to give you a tour!

Post on Instagram once a day// I love Instagram and I tend to look rather than do when I'm on there. Which makes no sense for someone who loves to take photos. If you'd like, you can follow along here.


Today is the day. We can and we will! What are your intentions for the week?