Why You Should Start Your Side Business Today

For the past several years, I have spent countless hours day dreaming about what it would be like to own my own business. I have always felt that I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but in college and the years following, I took the complete opposite path and followed a more traditional route in the corporate world.  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that path. But for anyone who has ever felt the slightest pull towards pursuing a deep passion, you know that it can be a conflicting path to be on. I constantly feel faced with frustration when weighing the pros and cons of my chosen career. On the plus side, it has offered stability in the way of income, benefits and a 401k. On the down side, it's created little joy and fulfillment. After a long day at the office, I don't have a deep satisfaction in my day's work, and feel that longing for something more fulfilling.

Why You Should Start Your Side Business Today | Broad + Main

In the past few years as I've learned more and more about design and worked on projects that fill me up and ignite my soul, I finally understand what job satisfaction feels like. This year, the year that I officially started my business, I have felt a deep sense of gratitude for the work I get to do, and even greater satisfaction when hearing great feedback from a client. I love seeing a project evolve from an  initial conversation and idea into a finalized product that is exactly what the client was looking for. 

Today I want to talk about taking the leap and starting today. I spent years day dreaming, wishing and hoping to have my own business one day, but never put in any work behind it. As you can imagine, it didn't get me very far. As I've finally had the courage to take the leap, I have just one regret... that I didn't do it sooner. Below are a few reasons why you should start that business today. 

1 | The Sooner You Start, The Sooner the Success

My business is certainly not an overnight success, but in the past year as I've really put in the work, it has steadily grown. As I think back to the days I was dreaming rather than doing, I can't help but wonder where I'd be now if I'd just started sooner. It takes time to build your business, especially if it is a second job on top of your demanding 8-5. By starting today, you're that much closer to your ultimate goal, what ever it may be. 

2 | You're Never Truly Ready

Timing is difficult when you have a full time job and are considering a new business on the side. It is a LOT of work and a huge undertaking. It affects your family, your friends and takes up the majority of your free time. When your plate is full with home and work responsibilities, it is easy to feel like you aren't ready. If you could just wait until the kids are in school, or your big work project is done, or just to get through your friend's wedding.... then you'll be ready. I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that when you get through with whatever marker you've set for starting your business, something else will come up. Life happens and things get in the way. Trust me - you are ready now, even if you don't feel it. 

3 | Practice Makes Progress

None of us were born knowing how to run a business. It has been a crazy, exciting, but often bumpy road to navigate. But everyday I have the opportunity to practice being a business owner, and everyday I feel like I get a little better at it. I am certain that I have many many more lessons to learn, but I know that sitting and waiting until I know everything, would cause me to never start in the first place.  Start practicing today. It will be so worth it. 

4 | It's easier than ever to Start Your Side Business

I know I just got done saying that starting a side business is a huge undertaking and it absolutely is. But thanks to this beautiful place that is the internet, it is easier than ever to start creating your presence and getting your name out there. With very little money and time, you can create a website, start a blog and get your name out there. You can begin to network with other bloggers by participating on their sites, using social media, and adding your content for the world to find. You will be shocked at how quickly you can make yourself known and start seeing results.

5 | The world needs you

We are each gifted with unique talents and gifts we can bring to the world. I know that sounds like a Hallmark greeting card, but I completely believe in it. One of the things that held me back in starting my own business for so long was knowing that there were already so many successful designers doing something similar to what I wanted to do. It can be intimidating to start from scratch when you are surrounded by examples of success. But similar is not the same. Yes, we might both be designers. But what comes out of my creativity is totally and completely different than what you will create. 

We each have our own unique talents and voice to offer. We've each had experiences that have uniquely shaped us into who we are and given us our own one of a kind perspective on the world. There is room for you in whatever adventure you dream of for yourself, and we need your voice and vision in this world.