5 Reasons You Need to Use Squarespace for your Blog and Business

Squarespace is quickly becoming a very recognizable name in the blogging and website world, and for good reason. One of the most common inquiries I get via email goes a little something like this:

"I'm currently on Wordpress and am frustrated with..."


 "I'm really interested in switching from Wordpress to Squarespace... can you tell me more?"

So many of my clients are frustrated with Wordpress; The deciphering of wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org, the confusion of blogging on one platform and having a hosting program through another, the updating of plug-ins all. the. time., and the concern over back ups and potentially losing valuable site content. 

I started blogging over 6 years ago on the Wordpress platform. As a college student eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I started a blog called "The Hungry Yogini" which was a healthy living blog chronicling my attempts to stay healthy while living on campus and completing a yoga teacher training program in the midst of obtaining my B.S. in Finance.  As you can imagine, I had a lot to talk about. 

At the time, Wordpress was fine. I was actually quite successful with my first blogging venture, and was able to use that as my part time job while in college. Fast forward several years as I've grown, changed and started a new adventure, I fell into the natural comfort of Wordpress to get going. I wanted my site to be beautiful, but continued to become frustrated. I am not a web developer or a coding guru, and without that skill set, making Wordpress beautiful was hard. 

I fell in love with Squarespace last year for good reason and I'm here today to share why I've moved my blog and business from Wordpress to Squarespace, and why you might want to consider it to! At the end of this post, you'll also be able to download a free step by step guide to setting up a Squarespace site!

5 Reasons you NEED to use Squarespace for your Blog + Business and a free Step by Step Guide for Getting Started

01 | All in One

One of the most confusing things I encountered as a Wordpress user was that my blog was run through Wordpress, but I needed to pay for separate hosting to make my site live on a .com address. Installing Wordpress, cPanels, site back ups... it all makes my head spin. Squarespace is an all in one platform. Your blogging and hosting platform are in the same place with no confusion as to what's where. With the click of a button, your site is live and ready to go.

02 | Beauty

We've all been taught lessons about inner beauty, but when it comes to your website, outer beauty is just as important. In order to attract your ideal clients, your website and branding should be cohesive and your website a reflection of who you are and what you have to offer your clients. When I first started Broad + Main as a lifestyle blog, I was on Wordpress using a Genesis theme that I customized. I am not a coding prodigy, however, and without that valuable skill, customizing Wordpress was next to impossible despite purchasing premium themes and working diligently to get it just right. Squarespace has awesome, beautiful themes that are fully customizable to help you create a site that is uniquely your own. 

03 | Affordability

While you can get a relatively inexpensive hosting service for your Wordpress blog, you have to also factor in cost for things like themes, back up services, paid plug-ins, etc. These things add up, and they add up quickly. A premium theme alone can cost you $150 and often times more! And hiring someone to design and develop a custom Wordpress site? While beautiful and for the right business, it can become extremely expensive. Squarespace takes that out of the equation. You have access to all of their premium themes, automatic updates, and access to any future themes they might create. There is no need for back up services or plug ins. Squarespace current offers 3 plan options, one of which starts at about $8 per month, and most of my clients are just fine with the most basic plans. 

For additional information on pricing, click here. Also, with the code GIMME10, you can get 10% off your first year!

04 | User Friendly Interface

We've addressed outer beauty, but the saying is true: beauty is on the inside.  Not only does Squarespace deliver on this aspect, but it is also beautiful on the inside as well - the perfect package. It's user interface is clean, organized and intuitive. After all, what good is your beautifully designed website if you can't easily and efficiently make updates to your site and create valuable content for your blog? Exactly. Squarespace utilizes a "block" system, allowing you to easily add text, rearrange content, and creative beautiful layouts and unique blog posts. 

05 | Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has been much discussed in recent months. Talks of a "mobilegeddon" came about when google announced a change in it's algorithm this past April that favors sites that are "mobile friendly." This caused sites that are NOT mobile friendly to plummet in google searches. If you are a Squarespace user, fear not. Each of their beautiful themes are completely mobile responsive, and the Squarespace user interface even gives you the ability to view your site as it would appear on various screen sizes. 

Squarespace Interface
Squarespace Interface

Ready to start your Squarespace site? Click the below image to download a free step by step guide to getting set up. 

Questions about Squarespace?

If you've been considering a switch, are starting a new venture, or have been curious about Squarespace, I hope you found this post helpful! Please feel free to email me with any questions about the platform. As you can tell, I am a true, enthusiastic fan, and believe Squarespace has so much to offer to my fellow entrepreneurs.

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