Courtney Malone Photography

I discovered my love of photography as a college senior while studying abroad in Paris, France. In my last semester of college, I took a leap of faith and without knowing a soul, moved to the City of Light for 6 months.

That fateful decision sparked my love of photography, and allowed me the opportunity to explore Paris on foot, taking over 10,000 photographs in the time I spent there. Just before leaving, my dad, a lover of photography himself, let me "borrow" his DSLR camera to take on the trip. Six years later, and that same camera is still in my possession, along with a few other cameras and lenses that have become a part of my collection.

During my time in France, I had the pleasure of working with an award winning documentary street photographer, Barbara Jo Revelle, which sparked my love of documentary style portraits and photography. After much consideration, I decided to start a photography business and had a blast styling the brand, website and print materials. The style board below is the original version of the branding I started with, which has since been updated and can be seen on the website.


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