Food Matters

By Jean Spring

Welcome to your project home page! Here is where we'll keep tabs on where we are at in our project. As we move along in the process, you can always come to this page to reference your questionnaires, inspiration board, logo concepts, etc. 


Before the official start of our work together, there are a couple of important steps I'll have you complete as a bit of "homework." But don't worry - it's fun homework!


I told you this would be fun! For this part of your homework, I'll have you create and share a secret Pinterest board with me. My Pinterest username is broadandmain. If you have any questions about creating or inviting me to the board, let me know. I'm happy to help! Here you'll collect images that you feel reflect the mood and theme of your brand, as well as colors that you love. 

Here is the key - in each of these pins, tell me why you love it. Is it the style? The color? The mood of the image? What about it reflects your brand and made you include it on your board? We'll use this to source images for your inspiration board which will help set the tone of our project. For example's of a completed client Pinterest board click here and here


This will help us establish WHO your brand is and make sure we are on the same page before getting into the visual elements of your brand. You can access your brand questionnaire here:

Jean Spring - Branding Questionnaire

Once complete, shoot me a quick email to let me know! As a reminder, my email is

Additional Questionnaires

Collateral Items

Our work together includes 4 branded collateral items to streamline your look in print, in addition to online. Below is a quick template to use to start thinking about what items you'd like and what you'd like for them to include. 

Collateral Items Template

Website Questionnaire

Below is a link to a short questionnaire for your website. Don't worry - we will discuss your website before we really dive into it, however this is a good starting point for you to determine the main goals of your website and think about it's primary purpose. Is the main goal to get a client to email you? To subscribe to your mailing list? This will help us start the discussion.

Website Questionnaire

Website Copy

About Page 

A Google Doc to Record the Copy for your Bio/About Page


A Google Doc for the Copy for your Services Page


Feel free to edit these files directly. I will be able to see your updates and can help you with the text for your services and about page.


From the images in your inspiration board I saw a recurring theme of bright light, clean and crisp images, and vibrant colors reflected in the pictures of whole, healthy foods. I found this theme mirrored in the responses to your branding questionnaire. Words like vibrant, clean, healthy, balanced and energetic stood out to me, and I chose images that I felt reflected those words. 

I’ve also shown my initial thoughts on a color palette, sampled directly from the images on the inspiration board. I envision a lot of nice crisp white space on your site with bright vibrant colors used throughout as an accent. I love the idea of using green in your branding, as it is a great color to represent freshness and positivity. Pink is often associated with health and beauty and I’ve shown a pink/red tone that I feel brings a nice feminine touch to things, without being overly feminine.

I know in your questionnaire you noted that blue was a maybe, however I wanted to include it in our first round to show you what these look like together. Blue invokes trust and reliability, which are two key emotions we want your potential clients to feel. I also noticed a lot of blue in the images you Pinned, as there were several images that included water and had a nice crisp feel to them. Lastly, I chose a soft shade of gray as a nice neutral to incorporate. This is sampled from the beautiful marble background in the photograph with the tomatoes. I LOVE the cleanness and crispness of the white and gray marble, and think it would be interesting if we played around with using a marble texture in some of our designs! Something we will look at in later stages!


Your second round of logo concepts can be found here. 

Your first round of logo concepts can be found here.

Brand Style Board

Woo! We're moving right along! Once you approve your final logo concept, we'll build your brand out to include a logo variation and submark, as well as patterns, color palette, and font pairings. I'll post the brand style board here. 


Final Documents

We're almost there! Once your brand style guide is approved, I'll create your requested collateral items and build your custom Squarespace website. Once your final payment is received, your final documents will be posted here! Congratulations on your beautiful new brand!